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Reply Linda Struve
9:54 PM on November 9, 2019 

Thank you a milion times over for all your very hard work, tears for our loses and precious time.

Reply Linda Bruce
6:11 PM on October 21, 2019 
One of the DM groups on Face Book msg me that you are the one that handles donation and lending of equipment. I knew may 7.5 yr old very large male GSD has 2 copies of the gene that causes DM at age 5 after we had a Heath DNA test done . He is 7.5 yrs. now and is knuckling rear paws already and crossing rear legs etc. I thought I had more time, not so. We are looking to get equipment , wheels, harness an I am ordering boots for him if I can figure the best for him. We live in the Blue Ridge mtns in Young Harris Ga and we walk with him and our other 2 dogs. We are retired with very limited income and after looking online , wheels can be 1000 or more for dog his size. My husband is disabled vet so can?t help much with getting him around . I would like to know if you have donated wheels that we could purchase. I have not had much luck. Most want close to what they are new800-900 for dog his size. I cannot imagine putting him down such a wonderful dog simply cause his legs can?t carry him. I know the time will come to soon when he is completely immobile. Suggestions you can give will be really appreciated. Thank You, Linda Bruce
Reply Jennifer Gross
12:05 PM on November 13, 2018 
Very glad to have found you
Reply Tammy Stapleton
11:19 AM on March 23, 2018 
May we have a prayer or a moment of silence for our baby lost on March 20th, 2018... Grandma's "MARLEY HENDRIX MORRISON" may he rest in peace and know how much he's loved & missed. This is an awful disease & it's so hard to watch your baby dog suffer thru it. My son took his boy & he couldn't even stay til Marley was completely gone, he broke down & had to leave... I would of held Marley in my arms until they made me leave. He was my angel, he helped me when I needed him the most. I just want everyone to know how hard it is to watch them & only be able to help so much. He can't be replaced, he was 1 of a kind. And I want to thank all of you for the tremendous work you do & the determination you have in finding the cur for DM. My prayers are with you & I will educate others as much as I can. R.I.P. MARLEY
Reply Tammy Stapleton
1:32 AM on March 7, 2018 
Signing guestbook to show my support for Project New Hope. My son's 10 year old German Shepherd/Pitbull mix, "Marley" has DM and we want to spread the word for a Cure or prevention of this disease in the future. It is a very sad thing to live through, knowing there's not really anything you can do to stop this terrible disease. Watching your pet suffer through this is no different than if it were your own child. Our pets are our children. My son has come to terms with the fact that Marley's not going to get better. I have done a lot of research on this disease since 2mos ago when we found out he has DM. I did read an article about a veterinarian who has actually had an 80% cure/remission to DM. He has been studying a cure for 20yrs with 3 other veterinarian's. I read the complete articles and it actually was not to difficult of a regimen to follow to attempt to put DM into remission. It consisted of home cooked diet, herbals, exercise and 1 medication. Currently we are considering your program due to my son's suffering with Marley's suffering. Thank you and all the volunteers for your hard work dedication and support.
Reply Sue Royston
1:33 PM on March 3, 2018 

My best friend Rosie, a purebred GSD had DM and passed away in May 2016, nearing 13 yo. For the past 5 years I've researched and read about DM, trying to figure out a way to rid our dogs of this horrible disease. I just recently came across your website, looking for anyone who might be trying to find a cure so I could join the fight. Thank you for this!

Reply Nick Westergard
11:39 AM on July 10, 2017 

DM took my girl away and now her brother more than likely has it. 

Let's kill this disease

Reply Amanda Jakeway
8:12 AM on July 8, 2017 
Just lost our baby Chief, a yellow lab to DM. I am hoping to donate my wheelchair to someone in need but the contact is button was not working.
5:52 AM on March 21, 2017 

Cyndi says...

We have an 11 year old Weimaraner that we were just told has DM. Our world is spinning out of control right now.

I just found your site and look forward to reading and finding out what we can do to help our loving boy  Harley.

God Bless all of you and your pups! 

   We are so sorry to hear this. Every one of us on this team have been through this fight. It is an emotional roller coaster.  Have you joined our Facebook page, and our sister support group on DM Awareness? Please click the " Helpful Links" tab above, and you will find the groups. They offer a weath of experience and support. We are here for you in any way we can. Wishing you strength as you and your baby fight this disease.