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Exercise has some clinical evidence to help slow DM by maintaining muscle mass, and that can still be achieved even in a wheelchair.

A Wheelchair, or Cart, as it is often called, can give a DM dog possibly many extra months.  They can continue to walk using all four legs, with the cart just giving extra support when they need it for balance and when they can no longer use their rear legs, stirrups will hold their rear legs off the ground safely so their paws don't get scraped as they drag behind. Eventually when needed, some carts can also provide front leg support in addition to the rear leg support.

Another important aspect a wheelchair helps provide is canine enrichment, by enabling them to discover new sights, sounds and smells, or ones they are familiar with on walks in their favourite places.  This contributes to mental stimulation and therefore 'Quality of Life' for a dog. 


Not all dogs sadly take to a cart of course, but most do with time, patience and encouragement. Some dogs that still have a little mobility in their rear legs, can refuse to use one at all until such time as they have completely lost the use of their rear legs and really need it to move around.

Any make of cart should be introduced slowly to a dog, leaving it close to them when it first arrives and as you put it together, this allows them to become familiar with the smell and sight of it.  When you place your dog into it for the first time, use plenty of praise and high value treats.  Make any adjustments you need and then take them out, again using lots of praise.  This is to train them to associate going into the cart with good things.  Often carts will need adjustments to get the fit just right for your dog, so try not to get disheartened if it doesn't seem to work well at first, just take your time, let your dog rest and try the next day.  Some take off in them straight away, others need longer to adjust. 

U.K. and U.S




U.K. - Wheelchair Manufacturers/Retailers

Below you will find details of Dog Wheelchair Retail Companies & Wheelchair Loan Services

(Many loan services in the UK, are registered with the 'Charity Commission', or in the US are 501(c)3 foundations

Please check yourself these organisations satisfy your requirements, they are not part of/or connected to Cure4DM

unless otherwise stated.

Walkin' Wheels -



Worcestershire UK

U.K. - Wheelchair Loan Services

UK 'Wheels to Help Me'

U.S. - Wheelchair Manufacturers/Retailers

Walkin' Wheels

105 Route 101A, Suite 18

Amherst, NH 03031

Eddie's Wheels

140 State Street

Shelburne Falls, MA 01370




K9 Carts

2851 Placida Rd, Units A & B

Englewood, FL 34224


U.S. - Wheelchair Loan Services

Guinness Dunn Foundation -

141 Hawkins PL, Suite 297,

Boonton, NJ 07005


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