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Dr. Thomas Schell D.V.M.

Dr. Tom Schell is a graduate of the Ohio State University and certified in Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine. He has been in private mixed animal practice for over 18 years, focusing on traditional as well as alternative therapies in both companion animal patients and horses.

His main areas of interest revolve around the impact of nutrition as well as herbs on overall health and existing diseases, especially the impact of chronic inflammation on cellular health. One main area of focus is the use of various antioxidants and immune stimulating compounds in the treatment of allergies to cancer. The goal being to provide the animal with a better quality of life for the longest period of time possible, while reducing the need for some prescription medications. Dr. Schell has published three research papers highlighting the impact of various herbs in the treatment of arthritis and inflammation in horses. He maintains and active interest in research regarding natural therapies for use in horses as well as companion animals.

Dr. Schell is also the co-owner of Nouvelle Veterinary Research, Inc which is a company that focuses on herbal research in animals as well as produces a line of natural supplements for companion pets, horses and people. These supplements can be viewed on line at

Dr. Schell maintains affiliations and memberships with:

* American Veterinary Medical Association

* North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association

* American Association of Equine Practitioners

* American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

* American Board of Veterinary Practitioners

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