"Won't Somebody Help Us Please....
Find a Cure for This Disease?"

Finding the Cure for DM Foundation

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Is your Vet familiar with treating DM dogs? 

We need to know! We would like to help others fighting with their DM babies, to have a knowledgeable Vet. Please ask them if we can list them on our site for others that are searching for a Vet like this! Please email us their info at cure4dm@yahoo.com.

Will you share a bit about your battle with DM and your baby? 

Email us your story and a picture, and we will share it on our story page. People need to                                             know they are not alone!   Please share your story.

We would like to acknowledge the very hard work and efforts of a true champion in the fight against DM. From fundraising to the big fight, Autumn and her Humans, the Difulvio's have been great, never-ending contributors and supporters of FCDMF from it's inception. Autumn, who now watches over her family from Heaven, has been a true Icon in this fight. Thank you for your unwavering support! We are so lucky to have you as a part of our team! We miss you Autumn! 

A very successful Valentine "Lovefest" Fundraiser was hosted in February by Autumn DiFulvio and Powder Maliano. Together, they raised $2500.00 toward research, education, and to bring awareness to Degenerative Myelopathy! What a great job by all! 

We are very Proud and Thankful to have them on our team!

Featuring Baily Crovicz! See how Baily is still helping to bring awareness to DM! Read her story. Sadly, Baily lost her battle with DM on Jan. 20, 2015. Please feel free to comment on this article! 


We have received our new "Awareness Brochures." We anticipate to begin mailing in late February. Anyone interested in volunteering to distribute in their area, please fill out our Volunteer Application.

We need people everywhere to help us get the word out! We need more people to know this exists, and that we need more research to find the Cure for DM!!

Veterinarian offices, pet stores..anywhere the animal friendly people will be. Five or six each place, and when time allows, pop in to make sure they still have some available. 

If more are needed, simply email us, and we will send you more..if they are available. 

                                                                      You too,will be helping to fight this disease, and helping to find the Cure!

                                                                                Please Volunteer now!