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And don’t ever think your gift is too small. A monthly donation of just 5 Pounds, Euros or Dollars can make

such a difference to making sure funds continue

for DM Research

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Regular donations can help you and

           help us


                           Many of our monthly givers feel it is easier to set up a regular gift as this way they

                           are able to give proportionately more than they might for just a single donation, but

                           spread the cost across the year. You can budget accordingly and having a donation

                           coming out as a monthly payment can be easier to manage, and gives you the

                           flexibility to change it at any time.

                           A regular monthly donation to the charity helps us plan our work, because it helps

                           us know how much income we’ll have in the future to offer for research funding. 

                          And don’t ever think your gift is too small. Whatever you can give will help us fund

                          research for much needed treatments to halt or slow DM, responding to existing

                          research, or brand new DM research that is proposed and of course searching for

                          future research.  Your donation will help creater more awareness of this dreadful

                          disease and support guardians of dogs affected with DM.




Our regular givers are a vital part of Cure4DM

Research requires  a lot of funding to even get to initial safety trials, followed by clinical trials and then hopefully if sucessful, a treatment to the public domain.  This process can take many years, this is where regular donations can make such a difference as funds build up to allow cure4dm to be able to offer funding for research whenever and wherever it is needed for DM treatments and one day a cure. It may be to late for lovely Frankie above, but we will get there with continuing research to one day put an end to Canine Degenerative Meylopathy !

Our dogs need us right now, and we need you !

How to set up a Direct Debit / regular payment

Cure4DM - Registered Charity in England and Wales No.1206120

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