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How to Organise a Fundraiser -
5 steps for Success !

Once you have decided what you would like to do, these steps will help you get started to make it a success !

  1. Make a Plan of Action

Whether your fundraiser is big or small, you’ll need to put some thought into planning – from who’s coming to an event, to where you’ll host it. How long it will last or what you want to achieve.  When you have decided the event you are planning, you'll need to confirm the date and start to make make a list of things you need to organise.  Maybe start with a target amount you'd like to achieve.

To help you, get friends or family to help and go to our Fundraising Materials section. If you’ve got questions or need support with your fundraiser, email us at, We want to help you every step of the way


2. Create a Just Giving
    Page or other

Set up a Just Giving page or any other established Fundraising platform, this will make it easier for your friends, familyand supporters to sponsor you

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3. Tell us about your 

Do let us know about your fundraiser, we could help you with publicity on our Facebook Page and maybe also help with some promotion items depending what your fundraiser is.

4. Now Tell Everyone
  about your Fundraiser

As soon as possible, get the word out.  Use social media to spread the word by creating an event on Facebook or sending some tweets. Link your posts to 'Just Giving' or whatever Fundraising platform you have set up.  If you are collecting donations yourself, let them know how to contact you to do this (do not give your personal bank details over social media though). Speak to your boss at work and let all your colleagues know what you are doing, as well as your friends and family, ask them to share the details.  Your boss may be happy to allow you to put up posters at work or even 'match your fundraising' (see Corporate Partnership)

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