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Tani Walker - Treasurer

Enjoying the snow with our new

heartmender Baron

We brought Dallas home when he was 8 weeks old.

We could not have asked for a better family member.

Dallas loved kids, he was wonderful with our 3 cats, he was loving towards his younger “sister" Sachi, our female GSD. He was gentle. We loved every moment with him.

Fast forward to around age 9, we begin to notice subtle changes in his mobility. At around 10, after multiple examinations and testing 'to rule out other conditions', we were left with a 'Presumptive diagnosis of DM'.  We studied all we could to gain an understanding of this progressive, deadly disease and what we could do to help him. We changed the way we lived to make every day things as easy and stress free for him as possible. We wanted to keep him happy and safe, but we really prayed for more years than we knew we would have together.  The disease slowly but steadily progressed and by age 12 ½ he could no longer walk, paralyzed from the shoulders down.

We were so blessed to have him in our lives, and us in his. And we so loved him more than words could ever express.

Our Beloved Dallas, for you and others we will continue our quest to help

Find A Cure for DM.

"Dallas from a puppy, to adult to senior -

beautiful and loved at every stage and for evermore"

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