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Welcome to the new

The new Cure4DM website now based in the UK, has been brought to you by Volunteers with

years of DM experience, some as Board members of the former 'Finding the Cure for DM Foundation, others as long established Breed Rescues and some as Breeders whose dogs have been affected by DM.

We all care passionately for dogs with DM.


We have all been where you are now and have experienced the worry, disbelief and despair of being told our companions may have Degenerative Myelopathy.


For now we wish to develop greater Awareness and provide 'up-to-date' Information and Education

about this dreadful disease and support you the owner. Our Aim is to continue to fund Research for treatments and ultimately, a cure for DM, wherever that research may be.  We hope to update you on our progress over the coming months. 


One day, like you, we all look towards an end to the heartbreaking disease of Degenerative Myelopathy.

Until then...

Take a look through our pages... 

You will find the latest up-todate 'DM Research' information. Answers to 'What is DM', with facts 
as they are known at this time.  Details of the many 'Other Diseases and Conditions that can look like DM'.  Lots of helpful information about 'How to Cope with DM'.  Links for aids such as carts and other mobility aids, in the UK. and US, and how to help your dog live the best life they can with DM.

There is

'Life after Diagnosis'


'Together, we

Can Make a Difference !!'

Our Mission

  ' To Strive for Education and Awareness

about DM,

While supporting DM Research '

Our Vision 

  ' To Find Treatments and a Cure4DM '

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