"Won't Somebody Help Us Please....
Find a Cure for This Disease?"

Finding the Cure for DM Foundation

A 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization

Photo Gallery

Finding The Cure For DM Foundation album is dedicated to all the Angels, we have shared their pain and suffering with from  DM, both past and present.

Click on the image of the album. For best viewing, please click on options in the lower right, above the Full Screen button. in the album where you can change the duration of each photograph. This will allow more time between photographs to read the messages left by their loved ones. Then click the Full Screen button. You can also pause by using the panel on the lower left.

This Album is a dedication to all the Angels who fought so courageously against DM, and all the Angels here on earth who continue their fight against DM.  For their courage devotion and undying love to their loved ones. Those that have lost this battle now run free, as they await their loved ones at Rainbow Bridge.  Those that still fight,  their fight will not be in vain, for together we will help them as they battle DM. The cure is out there, we need to find it. Until a cure can be found, these loving Angels may lose their fight, but they too will be rewarded in Heaven and run free to wait for their loved ones at Rainbow Bridge.

It you have experienced the loss of a loved one to DM, or you have a loved one that is currently in the fight again DM, we invite you to send us your photos and we will add your loved one to our albums.

Submit your photos with their name, date of passing (if applicable) and a heartfelt sentiment or words of encouragement to your loved one to: