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Become an FCDMF Volunteer!

Volunteering is a great way you can contribute and be a part of helping to find the cure. If you have time and a driven commitment to our cause, consider becoming a Volunteer of Finding the Cure for DM Foundation, Inc.

The Finding the Cure for DM Foundation, Inc. is always interested to hear from volunteers who wish to be our advocates in every state of the USA, and in all the countries around the world to help us spread the word about DM.

"The more hands the greater the reach."

What we are looking for in a FCDMF Volunteer

1. Enthusiasm - a positive attitude and drive

2. Awareness - having the knowledge to share with others

3. Reliable - willing to devote time regularly if and when required

4. Compassionate - giving support to those in need

5. Committed - demonstrating a passion for our cause

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